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About This Product

The Robust Steel Pro is a game-changer when it comes to comfort while working in the garage. Equipped with a thick, cloud-like seat that will provide you comfort for hours while working.

The Robust Steel Pro was specifically designed with large, 4-inch casters that glide over any surface, even those annoying zip-ties!

Last but not least, we know how annoying it is when you put your tool down on your tool-tray, spin on the seat and now your tool is behind you. No more with that! The Robust Steel Pro comes equipped with a tool tray that is stationary, meaning it spins with you so your tools stay right where you left them.

** Two (2) wheel locks included **

What You'll Receive
Dimensions & Specs
  • (A) Height: 19"
  • (B/) Base Width: 21"
  • (C) Seat Cushion Diameter: 14"
  • (D) Casters: 4"
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Built with Only Premier Materials

We don't cut any corners. What you receive is the best of the best.

Built to last you a lifetime, the Robust Steel Pro stool is engineered with 16 gauge laser cut steel, zinc coated hardware and powder coated to prevent corrosion and rust.

These large casters glide over any surface, loose debris and even zip ties. Helps with stability and prevents tipping.

When you buy Vyper, you're buying nothing but quality. At every step, we initiate quality checks. Every piece and part is made with the highest quality materials. Built to last.

Helps prevent rusting, corrosion and can withstand any environment.

The Pitbull of Stools

American Butts Belong in American Chairs

By reducing knee pain and helping with ergonomic positioning, this stool will become one of your most important tools. No matter what you’re working on, with the wrong chair, you’re subject to limited mobility, discomfort, back pain, knee pain, injuries, tipping/falling, and more.

Don’t get held back by your chair. Switch to Vyper instead.

Thick, Comfortable Seat

With 3.5" of industrial grade foam, this seat provides comfort for long working durations, preventing your butt from going numb. Flame resistant covering makes this seat extremely durable.

Spacious Tool Tray

This strategic design keeps all your tools in one place even when you spin, keeping them all within arms reach.

Large, 4" Industrial Casters

Roll over loose debris, zip ties, cracks and any surface. These large casters help with stability and prevent falling / tipping over.


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