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⏱ PRE-ORDER ONLY: This item is currently out of stock and is only available for PRE-ORDER. By placing your PRE-ORDER, you claim a Vyper Fan when they are back in stock end of August. ⏱

Vyper Turbo Fan is like nothing else on the market, effortlessly cooling down the shop so you can work harder. Powered by a powerful brushless DC motor, five aluminum blades generate 23,500 CFM at turbo speeds. The best part? It’s quiet and energy-efficient.

Limited 3-speed adjustment options are frustrating and outdated, so we ditched them. The Vyper Turbo Fan is equipped with an innovative variable speed adjustment so you can dial in the exact wind flow for ultimate comfort with full oscillating capabilities. 

The Vyper Turbo Fan comes standard with interchangeable mounts for the floor and wall, making it a dream for any sized shop or garage.


⏱ PRE-ORDER ONLY: This item is currently out of stock and is only available for PRE-ORDER. By placing your PRE-ORDER, you claim a Vyper Fan when they are back in stock end of August. ⏱


BLDC Power: We have invented the first variable speed industrial fan in the world with BLDC motor and built-in driver that incorporates aluminum blades and a simple, yet beautiful design.
Low Energy Consumption: With a wide range variable speed dial, you can adjust the height and the wind flow to meet your needs while keeping energy consumption very low.
Air Flow: The maximum air volume is 667 cubic meters per minute and the maximum wind speed is 9.6 meters per second.
Natural Air Option: Imitate the feel and flow of the natural wind as if you had your garage door open!

Input Power: Single Phase 110V
Variable Speed: 600 - 1200 RPM
CFM: 23,500 CFM at 175 watts
Energy-Saving: 30W at 600 RPM; 130W at 1200 RPM
Electrical Motor: Brushless DC Motor (150W, 0.2HP)
Safe Design: Automatic Stop Function
Low-Frequency Noise
Maximum Safety & Low Temperature
Fan Blades: 24" diameter
Tri-pod Dimensions: 36" triangle x 27.5"
Fan Shroud Dimensions: 27" diameter x 6" depth
Adjustable Floor Height: 47" - 58"
Oscillation: 70 degrees

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Shawn Kainrath
Kick butt fan .

Very quiet and powerful . What could make this better is a base on wheels locking caster. Base is wide and tad difficult to move around shop . Nice roller base adapted from your chair would be awesome.

Vincent Miller
Love this Fan

Fan is really solid, really nice, quiet love the option of oscillation and on a stand or the wall. And customer service is outstanding!

wally rothe
Got another

First bought the low boy. Outstanding! Next looked at the fan. Tried it and love it. Will be back again!


Powered by an efficient variable speed brushless DC motor along with five 24" aluminum blades creates unbelievable blowing power like you've never seen before.


Unlike conventional fans, the Vyper Turbo Fan has variable speed capabilities, meaning you can adjust your speed anywhere between 600RPM to 1200RPM. Adjust from the wide-range exactly to your liking.


The Vyper Turbo Fan comes with both a floor mount option and a wall mount option at no additional cost. The Vyper Turbo Fan can be interchanged from floor-to-wall & vice versa.