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Man in black shirt and jeans working in garage with Vyper chair in the foreground

Find the Perfect Shop Chair

When looking for the perfect Vyper chair, all the options we offer can be seriously tempting because, well, look at them. They’re all awesome.

You’ve got needs, and the chair you choose plays a huge role in your ability to get shit done. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, we added a helpful feature to our site that lets you find the perfect chair for the job every time: the Find the Perfect Chair Quiz. 

This is a short, four-question quiz that gathers details about who you are and what you do, and recommends the chair that best fits your needs. Simply add it to your cart there or give us a call if you have any additional questions. We’re enthusiasts just like you.

Want to find the chair of your dreams? Click here. 
Man in light blue shirt laying down on creeper working on gray car
Red and black ronin x vyper chair on black and gray camo background with gray and black ronin logo in center


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