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Man in light blue shirt laying down on creeper working on gray car

5 Reasons Why You Need This Creeper

As someone who doesn’t shy away from the grind, it’s important that your tools can keep up. And let’s be honest – that creeper you’re using right now, isn’t cutting it.  

Hard workers rejoice, because we created something that will – the Vyper Lay-Down Creeper. 

What makes it so great, you ask? Glad you asked. 

  1. Adjustable headrest – Every job is different and having the ability to adjust the headrest to the perfect angle is a must. The headrest positioning is also easily adjustable to accommodate different body heights.
  2. Caster mount covers – Our caster mount covers prevent your clothes, hair, and fingers from getting caught in the wheels. Crisis averted. 
  3. SuperFabric materials – To ensure it stands the test of time, we used a SuperFabric canopy-style lining for the base. Comfortable, yes, but it also has the highest abrasion/slash resistant, stain resistant, and flame resistant standards. 
  4. 4-inch casters – No more getting stuck under a car because of a zip-tie. Just like our chairs, our legendary 4-inch casterst come standard on the creeper. 
  5. Lightweight construction – Featuring a combination of aluminum and steel, the creeper was designed to be lightweight while still boasting an impressive weight capacity.

Stop messing around with standard creepers that aren’t up to the task. Get your hands on our Lay-Down Creeper and start kicking more ass today. 

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Close up of a vyper chair featuring the nuts and bolts that keeps the chairs together
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