person sitting in red and block shop chair working on car in garage

Vype Hype: Robust Steel Max vs. Elevated Steel Max

Two fan favorite models of Vyper Chairs are our Elevated Steel Max (ESM) and Robust Steel Max (RSM). While you can’t go wrong with either one, there are some definite differences between the two heavy hitters to be aware of when deciding which one to add to your shop. 

The first difference is acme rod length. The ESM measures in at an adjustable length of 24” to 32”, while the RSM sits a little lower at 15” to 24”. 

The next major difference is in the quick height of both of the chairs. The ESM offers an adjustable height of 28” to 32.5”, while the RSM measures in at a more compact 19” to 24”. 

The ESM is marketed toward welding enthusiasts, while the RSM is great for detailers, mechanics, and other garage enthusiasts. 

From there, there are many similarities. Both chairs handle a weight capacity of 400 lbs and feature a base width of 23”. 

So now that we’ve provided you the details, here comes the hard question: which one is right for YOU? As we said above, there really is no wrong answer when choosing a Vyper chair, but a here’s a simple rule of thumb if you’re having a tough time deciding between the two: the ESM is the better choice for work stations over 35”, while the RSM is the go-to for anything under that 35” mark.