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person sitting in red and block shop chair working on car in garage

Height Matters

Having trouble deciding which is the best height-adjustable chair for your workstation? Let's break it down.

The Robust Steel Max is our standard height model, with an adjustable height range of 15"-24" (19"-24" for Quick Height models). The Elevated Steel Max is slightly taller (similar to a bar stool) and features an adjustable height range of 24"-32" (28"-32" for Quick Height models).

A simple rule of thumb if you’re having a tough time deciding: if your workstation is 35" or lower, go with the Robust Steel Max. For workstations higher than 35", the Elevated Steel Max is the one.


Two guys behind an industrial shop chair on wheels sitting on a table. Both are holding red energy drink cans and smiling
guy in blue jeans sitting on shop chair in dimly lit garage


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