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TRCMA 2023

TRCMA 2023

We were back in Boise this month for another TRCMA! This time, we came to unveil two new products.

Alex started off by unveiling new prototype accessories for the Low Pro to include a backrest and newly designed split-sidekick attachments. Detailers, rejoice - one side features a polisher rack.

Next up, the guys have a first live look at our newest venture, Vyper Energy. Alex and Anthony introduced the energy drink, talked about how it came to fruition after initially being pitched as a joke, and dissected the ingredient profile, which impressed the former bodybuilder and supplement guru. The taste even got Jack from Stjarnagloss feeling a certain way.

These new products will be available in June 2023.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to the good people at the Rag Company for the invitation and incredible hospitality.  We can’t wait to come back even more great stuff next year!

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