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Applied Ergonomics Conference 2023

Last month, we had the pleasure of featuring our products at the 26th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference in New Orleans!

The AEC is a large business-to-business conference focused on ergonomic solutions for the workplace. 

It is a perfect fit for us, as our products are ergonomically designed for an unparalleled level of comfort. Here are a few of the main ergonomic features of our products:

  1. Backrests – Provide support and comfort in one of the most taxed parts of the body while working. Products like our Elevated Steel Max feature a perfectly angled cushioned backrest to support the lower back, reducing that annoying back pain. 
  2. Foot Rails – Our foot rails provide a wider base to prevent tipping and greatly increase the overall safety of our chairs. This prevents injuries and fewer injuries equate to a reduction in workers compensation claims.
  3. Large Casters – As hard as we work to keep our work areas clean, we know they can still accumulate their fair share of debris. Our large casters prove that this isn’t a problem, as they make rolling over any surface a breeze, including the dreaded zip ties. They provide a smooth roll and a sturdy foundation to prevent tipping. For an even more secure seat, check out our wheel locks
  4. Comfy Seats – Our padded seats provide an almost impossible level of comfort without sacrificing durability. We know there’s always work to be done, but we wouldn’t blame you for sitting around for a while to appreciate our chairs in all their cushiony goodness! 


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