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Vyper x Ronin Tactics

Vyper x Ronin Tactics

Vyper Industrial was proud to celebrate its partnership with Ronin Tactics by launching a limited-edition Red War Dragon Vyper Chair this past Memorial Day. 

The chair was created in collaboration with Ronin Tactics, designed by Tu Lam as a reflection of his war banner. The chair featured a bold red seat complete with the signature Red War Dragon and symbolizes Born out of War and To Be Masterless.

The launch date carried a special meaning for Lam, a veteran and former green beret. A portion of the proceeds were donated to Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), a charitable organization in pursuit to end the veteran suicide epidemic by helping veterans heal from post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries, addiction, and other health conditions.

For more information on VETS and to donate directly, please visit

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