$1,050 $975 Save 7%


$1,050 $975 Save 7%

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The Low-Pro Package is made up of our most popular chair and stool: Robust Steel Max and Low-Pro.

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What You'll Receive (Robust Steel Max)
What You'll Receive (Low-Pro)
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We've all been there when the cheap hydraulic cylinder on our crappy chair fails. Next thing you know, you're laying on the floor.

We put an end to that by designing a height adjustment method using a mechanical design to reduce the failure rate.

This design allows you to quickly adjust the height of your chair within seconds. All you have to do is use two hands to lift up under the seat to raise. To drop down, simply put one hand under the seat and pull the lever to adjust to your desired height.

This height adjustment method is great for those that have to adjust their height more frequently throughout the day.



This height adjustment method uses a design that's been used for hundreds of years: the acme rod.

The Acme Rod is a proven (also mechanical) design that has an extremely low failure rate. 

To increase the height using this method, simply twist the seat to go up and twist it the opposite way to go down.

This method comes with a locking clamp to prevent the chair from spinning while rolling.

The Low-Pro Package is Built to Last

It's our most popular chair combo for a reason.

Built to last you a lifetime, the Robust Steel Max & Low Pro are engineered with 16 gauge laser cut steel, zinc coated hardware and powder coated to prevent corrosion and rust.

These large casters glide over any surface, loose debris and even zip ties. Helps with stability and prevents tipping.

When you buy Vyper, you're buying nothing but quality. At every step, we initiate quality checks. Every piece and part is made with the highest quality materials. Built to last.

Helps prevent rusting, corrosion and can withstand any environment.

Top Selling Chair

Learn About the Robust Steel Max

The Robust Steel Max is Vyper's Top Selling Chair. With it's ergonomic backrest, stability and tip prevention, and a thick, comfortable seat, it's the go-to shop chair for any job.

The Everyday Stool

Learn About the Low Pro

Being our top selling stool, you cannot go wrong with the Low Pro. With it's comfortable (and removable) seat, double sided tool tray and large casters, it'll quickly become your go-to for detailing or any job in the garage.


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