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Maneuverability is Key

Maneuverability is Key

When you’re working in the shop, the last thing you want is something slowing you down. Sliding from one station to the next should be quick and easy, and you shouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck on a zip tie.

That’s exactly why we designed our chairs with large, oversized casters.

Made with industrial-grade polyurethane, our four-inch casters are made to roll smoothly across dirty floors without worry. They won’t scuff or scratch your floors, and most importantly, they are made to last. That’s money saved from having to frequently replace cheap casters that degrade within months of use.

Is your work area slanted or do you need to lock yourself in place while working? No problem. You can add caster locks to any model within minutes. 

The war on zip-ties and other debris on your garage floor is finally over, and with our casters, you’re sitting firmly in the winner’s seat.

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