Learn about all of the key features and benefits that make the Vyper Chair the greatest shop chair of all time. If you still have questions after watching these videos, please contact us here. 

Quick Overview:

The Vyper Chair seats measure 14" in diameter and 3.5" of industrial grade foam, providing you with comfort for long hours and is very durable through any kind of use. Holds up just fine against weld sparks.


We didn't cut any corners when it came to manufacturing this chair and we especially didn't with the Vyper Seat. We understand that these chairs are going to be beat up, so we built it with materials that can withstand that wear-and-tear.

This extremely comfortable seat is 14" wide, 3.5" thick, cushioned by industrial grade foam.

You have the option to select from a black seat, grey seat or brown seat. You can also add your own logo to your Vyper Chair seat.

Quick Overview:

Every Vyper Chair is equipped with 4" industrial grade polyurethane casters that glide over any surface, rolls over the dreadful zip-ties, won't scratch your floor and increases your overall stability on your Vyper Chair (locking casters are available).


Every Vyper Chair is equipped with five, 4" industrial grade polyurethane casters, besides the Low-Pro which only has four casters.

These casters are extremly heavy duty, roll smoothly over any surface, don't scratch up your floors, rolls over zip-ties and even makes your Vyper Chair much more sturdy.

For all models besides the Low-Pro and Robust Steel Pro, you have the option to select black, red or blue casters.

If your driveway or work area is on a slant, prevent your Vyper Chair from rolling by equipping it with some locking casters.

Quick Overview:

Workstation between 28" - 35": Robust Steel Max, Robust Steel, Premier Aluminum Max

Workstation above 35": Elevated Steel Max


We all have different work station heights, so which Vyper Chair is right for you? This video will walk you through what chairs are right for you!

Quick Overview:

Quick Height: Great if you need to adjust your height often (Shop Quick Height Chairs)

Acme Rod: Great if you typically keep your chair at one height. (Shop Acme Rod Chairs)


Thanks to its patent-pending mechanical design, the Vyper Quick Height offers the convenience and speed of hydraulic seat adjustment, but without the high failure rate.

The Quick Height Attachment is compatible with all existing height-adjustable chair models and can be purchased as an attachment to replace the acme rod adjustment.


The acme rod adjustment utilizes an acme threaded rod that you twist to go down and twist to go up. This old school height adjustment has been proven to be durable for hundreds of years with an extremely low failure rate compared to your conventional cheap hydraulic levers.

Quick Overview:

Make your Vyper Chair unique specifically to you by adding your own logo to the main seat of your Vyper Chair.


To add a custom logo, please select "Custom Logo" option when selecting seat color. The seat color will remain black, this is normal.

To upload your logo, please open your cart and click "Upload Logo". Please select the logo file from your computer and upload logo.

In the custom notes, please let us know the seat color you'd like (black, brown, grey).

We will send you a proof before beginning the embroidery process.

*Embroidery is only on the main seat, not the backrest

Quick Overview:

Wouldn't it be nice to have a sidekick in the shop? Well now you can! The Sidekick attachment is an excellent attachment to store drinks, power tools, rags, hardware and all else equal. The Sidekick is attachable to any chair style besides the Low-Pro.

Quick Overview:

The Vyper Chair is so incredibly sturdy and strong because they are held up by 3/16" laser cut steel legs.

Each leg is powder coated to prevent nicks, rust and corrosion.

With our standard options, you can choose Black Wrinkle, Blue Texture or Red Texture legs.


We could've chosen plastic legs that fail after a few months, but that's not what we're about here at Vyper. Every Vyper Chair is held together by 3/16" thick laser cut steel legs that help with stability, weight capacity and prevents tipping.

We took it a step further and powder coat (not spray paint) every leg to help prevent rusting and corrosion.

  • Brad T.

    American made excellence! Like my Dad would say, God rest his soul, it is built like a brick $&!# house

  • Mary Teel

    I've gone through 4 stools in 3 years, none made it 12 months, & so far the Vyper Stool is the most sturdy & believe it will last a lot longer.

  • Derek M

    Bought both the Elevated and Robust Steel Max chairs and I absolutely love them both.