Workers are the backbone of the American economy yet are often left unprotected in the workplace. As a result, they are exposed to many risk factors to include bending, reaching, pushing, pulling, and lifting. Although seemingly simple in nature, these activities done in a repetitive basis can expose workers to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Examples of MSDs include tendinitis, muscle strain, and low back injuries.

Workers suffering from MSDs are often forced to miss work or work with restrictions. Not only are workers left with the hardships, but companies will also feel a loss in productivity.

MSDs are tragic yet highly preventable issues in the workplace through proper equipment and ergonomics. This is one of the many reasons why the Vyper Chair was invented. 


Starting from the top, the backrest on the Vyper Chair plays a very vital role in the workplace. It’s ergonomically positioned to combat lower back issues by promoting better posture. The support brace is made of steel and secured to the chair with heavy duty hardware the strength to provide ultimate support.


Moving down to the main cushion, the Vyper Chair utilizes industrial-grade foam padding. Not only does it help with comfort and support, but also helps alleviate pressure on the hips and tailbone areas. By placing less compression on these areas, users are less likely to develop spine and joint issues. Less compression also helps improve circulation and digestive issues.


Other chairs swivel separate from their tool tray counterpart. This design flaw leaves users bending down and reaching for an item without knowing where it is. This can lead a higher likelihood of lower back injuries for the user. In contrast, Vyper tool trays move with the chair so when a user puts an item in the tool tray, it’s going to stay with the user, avoiding any additional unnecessary bending and reaching.

To completely alleviate the user from bending down and reaching, the Vyper Sidekick tool tray is extremely resourceful. The Sidekick utilizes a side-reach method for storing tools in a very convenient and ergonomic method.

In conclusion, workers go to work every day for the benefit of company growth. It’s time to protect them by affording them with the proper equipment to meet work demands without placing themselves in harm’s way.